1- Getting Started on a New Year

A new year at Al Akhawayn School of Ifrane is about to begin! I am pleased and proud to introduce a new class of students to the fine art of journal writing using WordPress’ free blog hosting site. this year there will be three classes of students whose musings we will get to read with joy, with sorrow, with wonder and with anger.

Anger? Yes – life is so very, very short, and none of us knows where or when it will end. Too many young people, secure in the belief that, of course, nothing bad will ever happen to them personally, will waste this year’s opportunity to come to know themselves better than once they did. Writing, analyzing, yes, even dissecting events long dead and gone helps us to discover our secret motivations, to know the person hidden deep within ourselves, the one who does those things that perplex us, even as we do them.

Learning ourselves is the only way to ever fit comfortably within our own skins. Rubbing along comfortably with others is facilitated by knowing our own boundaries, and respecting the boundaries of others. This comes with introspection and reflection – so, young authors! Pencils aloft! Advance into the fray!  Write, write – WRITE!!


One thought on “1- Getting Started on a New Year

  1. Writing and reading help me improve my English and accumulate a richer vocabulary. I read Night, the first novel that you’ve chosen for our class, and I learned a lot from it. I hope we can read more of those kinds of books because they tell the people frankly about the real world that we lived and still live in. This will make us know more about history of human beings. Thanks to you we’re going to enrich our general culture.

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