4 French keyboqrds

?y School in ?orocco uses French keyboqrds on its co,puters: Every ti,e I get reqdy to use q co,puter; there is this co,plicqted rigq,qrole I hqve to go through in order to set up the keyboqrd to type using English configurqtions:

This is an extremely annoying situation for someone who was trained using a qwerty keyboard. And it is a problem that occurs each and every time I try to use a school computer. Generally, it is only a minor annoyance that takes some time for me to change the system settings so that I can type properly, based on how I learned to type. However, it does take this extra time, each and every time. This might explain why I prefer to complete my work on my personal laptop whenever possible. It is already set up for my personal preferences, which includes the qwerty keyboard configuration.

Such a pain. But then, I leave the computers I have worked on set up for the qwerty keyboard, so anyone who comes after me gets the American keyboard setup, which no doubt annoys them every bit as much as the French keyboard annoys me. And causes them time and trouble to re-set up for French. So, I guess we are even.


One thought on “4 French keyboqrds

  1. I feel you!

    In my old school our keyboards were QWERTY (they were English keyboards), but when I say QWERTY I don’t just mean that that’s what the keyboard displayed and then when we would type the letters would turn out being AZERTY instead of QWERTY…what I’m referring to are the keyboards in ASI. They are so annoying! Even when I try setting up the keyboard to type using English configurations, it works for a little while and then soon after it changes back to French configurations. It drives me crazy! That is why I also use my laptop now instead of using the computers. It does get a little tiring to have to carry it with me every day, but it’s still better than having to type with the annoying keyboards and making a mistake in every other word I would type.

    The other big problem I have with computers in this school is that they’re not Apple, and I’m only used to using Apple. The applications on Macs are different than the ones on Windows which makes everything really painful! I don’t know how to use powerpoint as well as I use Keynote or Microsoft Word as well as I can use Pages. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to start getting used to using Windows.

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