5 Sleeping buddies

I am a cat mom. I have four fur children. Three girls and a boy. Whenever I get ready to catch a nap on a lazy weekend, I have at least one sleeping buddy (not including my husband). Fez, my champagne-colored little girl, really prefers to nap settled on my chest and belly, where she can recieve lazy strokes down her back, purring all the time. Sugar Daddy, our sweet man kitty person, likes to settle down beside you, with his back up against your warmth. Medina, the calico athelete of the family, has one spot on the bed she prefers. This spot happens to be at the end of the bed, between my feet. Souk, when she deigns to accompany us in a nap, does not want to be too close – she will settle on whatever part of the bed is furtherest from me and any other sleeping buddies. That means that if my husband wants to nap, too, there is precious little room on the bed left for him, usually, unless I come to join him in a nap, in which case there is precious little room left on the bed for ME.

It does not do any good choosing to nap on the sofa, either, because you will soon find yourself festooned with sleeping buddies there, too. Even chooing to nap on the thick and cushy rug on the living room floor is not safe. Where ever you choose to settle down and relax, before long a purring kitty person will come and join you for your naptime. I think this might have something to do with the fact that cats genetically sleep far more hours than people do in the first place, so they are always ready for a nap when you are.

If is kind of nice to have a nice warm fur person cuddled up with you for a nap. Think I could use a nap right about now. Wonder who will join me this time?


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