6 Yesterday, today, tomorrow

My yesterdays are dead and gone except for my memories. Some of those are sweet, and some of those are bitter. I choose to learn from the bitter ones, and cherish fondly the sweet ones. What else can you do with memories besides learn from the not-so-good ones, and remember the good ones?

My today is FAR too busy with demands from work and home. I am not someone who has learned how to settle and relax, and that is a goal that I work towards each and every busy, overcommitted, exhausting day. Who wants to live their life being too busy to relax? That was NEVER my goal for living, and I am actively seeking the remedy to overcommitment. The problem is that most of the business is patently my own fault. I am learning to slow down and enjoy the simple things. Really. I am, I swear.

My tomorrows are filled with explorations and travel to see new places and things. I want to have time to spend with a good book, stretched out beside the pool, and time to walk arouond the markets, “just looking.” That is relaxation for me, seeing the sights, enjoying a walk, reading a good book with a warm and purring kitty person comfortably settled in my lap, watching a movie with popcorn and a cup of hot chocolate milk. YUM. Maybe that would be an excellent “practice” idea for this very evening!


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