8 Weekends

I know that the Bible states that “six days shall you labor and rest to honor me on the seventh,” but I am SOOOO grateful that our modern culture gives us TWO days, the weekend, to relax, instead of just one day. I LIVE for the weekends. Mondays are dreadful days, Tuesdays see a little life draining back into the corpse, Wednesdays are “hump” days, where you cross the mountaintop towards the weekend, Thursdays are pretty OK, and Fridays are super-duper wonderful-fantastic. Saturdays and Sundays are heavenly, even if I do nothing. ESPECIALLY if I do nothing!

Some of my best times ever were on the weekends. Camping trips, concerts, theme park visits, other special, once-in-a lifetime events all happened on the weekend. Those are the times when your soul is rejuvenated and energized and made whole once again: only to face another humdrum week of work. Work truly IS a four-letter word, in all that implies. I know I have to work, because I was not born independently wealthy, and I have to earn my living, or I will be a bum, which was never my life’s goal for an occupation. However, the vacations from work, like the magical weekends, are pretty special times for me, and for nearly everyone else that I know. Still, if every day was a weekend, then they would no longer be special, so I guess I will just wait impatiently for the next one.


2 thoughts on “8 Weekends

  1. Oh Mrs. Stephens… They are THAT magical for students, too. Even though for us it’s not really a weekend and evil teacher sometimes think that weekends are not a time to rest but a time to finish projects, study for tests, and finish a whole lot of homework. That’s the weekend that’s waiting for me. Never-the-less, I can to sleep in and fall asleep late, because I’m a true night person…

  2. Weekends are made for relaxing and having free time, but of course teachers give us work and projects to finish. So its not really a weekend, you don’t get enough time of free time.

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