9 Justice

You know, I just do not believe that the criminal justice system in America is so flawed that it is beyond recovery. No justice system in ANY country is flawless, but the system in America tries very hard to be sure that only the truly guilty are convicted. In fact, I believe the system is weighted a little too heavily in favor of the accused, and not enough in favor of the victims. However, I don’t want innocent people paying for crimes they did not commit, either.

The same thing holds true for most of America’s other ills. There are a lot of people on government assistance who should not be getting it. And government assistance should ALWAYS be a temporary thing. Even disabled people can do some useful work, it is a matter of discovering what sort, and getting in a program what can provide an opportunity. Only truly incapacited people (and they do exist) should be on permanent government assistance. However, there are far too many people who are getting help who are perfectly capable of working. And that matter of passing a random drug test to qualify for assistance? It IS free money, and there should be some strings that go along with qualifying for it. If the recipient is offended at having to prove they are not taking illicit and illegal drugs, they should get a paying job, where they can do with the money they are paid as they choose and see fit. When it is the money you earn, no one can say how you spend it. When you are taking other peope’s money, they CAN say how and what you can do with it. Food stamps have always had strings – there are certain sorts of foods you cannot get using them, like tobacco and alcohol. What is wrong with the same sort of restrictions on other government assistance? NOTHING. That is FAIR, not flawed.

And last but  not least is America’s government. I will be the first to claim that the system is flawed. Whenever people are enabled to vote themselves a pay raise, that is asking for trouble in a big way. Congress must revoke all of the special priviliges they have voted for themselves, and begin to rejoin the public, and the public programs they pass for the rest of us to live with. NOBODY should have such a retirement system, and it must go. They have to join the same programs the rest of us have, and no exemptions whatsoever. PLUS, they HAVE to be limited to two terms maximum. If it is good enough to limit the president to two terms, it is good enough to limit the congress people to the same restriction.

That should prevent career politicians. It WILL encourage other citizens to serve, and perhaps return this country to some common sense, unlike what we have now.


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