12: Rummage Sales are Fantastic!

I love rummage sales, flea markets, thrift stores, yard sales, whatever you call them, I LOVE THEM! I was raised on hand-me-down clothes, so I already know that you buy something used, take it home and wash it – presto! New clothes (to me!). So, I love to take a day on the weekend, when I have time, and go to a sale.  I find such wonderful things there, because a rummage sale is NOT like going retail shopping, which is actually WAY down the list for preference.

First, retail stores are WAY more expensive. Second, when the fashions change (and they change FAR too frequently for me), the retail stores always remove all the other choices, so all that is left is whatever is hot off the press. A lot of times I do not LIKE whatever is hot off the press, and lots of times, that is all that there is on the racks to buy! No fair! And eveything is always in whatever limited colors are considered fashionable for this season – YUCK! When I go to a rummage sale, there are fashions from every period in the last forty years or so, plus all the colors ever invented, so there is SURE to be something I want to buy!

PLUS, and here is the best thing of all, rummage sales are CHEAP!! Whee, whoop-te-doo, hallelujah, CHEAP! I can actually afford to purchase three or maybe even six complete outfits, where at the retail level I might only be able to afford ONE lousy blouse. You can see why I love them so much, plus, there is the thrill of the hunt. At a rummage sale, you must sort through a lot of things to find the treasures, and treasures there certainly are! I have found lovely shoes, even brand new ones never worn, for a dollar or two. And there are exotic belts to complement just that special outfit, or a lovely scarf that will match perfectly with that patterned suit, or perhaps a long, flowing skirt that I can pair up with a blouse I already have….such fun! It is like being a detective, there are so many discoveries to make!

So, the only thing that makes going to a rummage sale more fun is going with a friend or two, or three – the more the merrier!


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