17: Day trips

I like seeing new things. Probably explains my shopping addiction. When you go shopping, there are always new things to see. This is not a shopping blog, however – what I really like is seeing new PLACES, not just new THINGS. So, weekend day trips are really cool.

A weekend allows plenty of time for a day trip to see a new place. I visited Volupilus once- the ancient Roman ruins of a city located here in Morocco. It is fairly close by, so it makes a nice day trip, and there is always something new to see there that you did not see on the first trip. There is also a hot mineral springs spa located fairly close by, and it is reasonably priced, too. That makes a VERY relaxing day trip!

Plus, the “imperial” cities of Fez and Meknes are only an hour’s drive away (either direction) so they also make a very nice day trip to explore the old city – the medina. Fun, fun – even if it is mostly a shopping trip. There are still neat things to see. And then there are the smaller nearby towns to visit, too. Azrou has neat spots, and so does Immouzer. And there are other neat little towns close by, too, that are fun to explore. The monkeys are always worth a visit- they live in the National Forest Preserve near Azrou. And there are some nice spots for an overnight camping trip, too!

A day trip is entertaining and fun without being too tiring. We need to plan one for this coming weekend!


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