21: Field Trips

I adore field trips.

Or, at least I USED to adore field trips back in the day when I was a student myself – you know – the dark ages. Then, all I had to do was go, listen and learn. NOW that I am the teacher, all the field trip arrangements are mine to make.

First, I have to write a proposal for approval of the trip here at school. I have to explain why this trip is educational, and worthwhile. Then, I have to arrange getting the van – all the paperwork and e-mails to be sure one is available to take us. Next comes the parent permission form where I explaion to parents why this trip is good and worthwhile. Then I have to make lesson plans for the classes that are not going on the trip, and any students who do not bring in the signed permission forms to go with us. Then the emergency bag – water, toilet paper, facial tissues, hat, first aid kit, plastic bags for any carsickness and cleaning up the trash in the van afterwards, sunscreen with bug repellant, a snack, tweezers for splinters. Then we have to have a speech at the beginning of the trip so everyone behaves, a potty break or two, making sure everyone stays with the group, counting noses, and being sure we do not leave anyone behind. And keeping an eye on the time to be sure we get back to school when we said we would, so no one worries about us.

WHEW! One field trip a year. Maybe.


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