23: Old age

Old age is not so bad, when you consider the alternative: the eternal dirt nap. Any day I spend this side of the grass is a good day. I don’t mind eventually being fertilizer for the flowers, but I am not looking to be converted anytime soon. Yes, I do plan to go to heaven and enjoy the infinite pleasures therein, but I am not getting up a trip to go today, if you know what I mean. Life is good. I am not looking to depart this mortal coil anytime real soon. Old age is fine by me, since I appear to be getting there faster and faster.

And that’s another thing. As you age, time speeds up. Remember when it took FOREVER just to get to your birthday? And Christmas took YEARS to fianlly arrive in December each year? Now, it seems like yesterday we were celebrating the New Year on January 1, and now it is time to be buying Christmas presents already. Jeepers, creepers, where did the year GO?? Perhaps it is the problem of living for the weekend. There are only 52 of those each year, compared to 365 days. So, if you spend all of your time as an adult living for the weekends, perhaps THAT is why the year disappears so fast. Hmmmm. Makes sense. The trick, then, to slowing life down and enjoying every day is just that: to enjoy each day. The hard part is learning how to enjoy each day while you are on the job, earning a living. YUCK. I understand why I was living for the weekends!

I am old enough by now, ding dong dad nab it, to be able to figure out how to enjoy each day, even if I AM at work. Hmmm. Ok. That one is going to need some thought. Hmmmm. I can’t afford daily shopping. That’s out. Daily exercise sucketh mightily. Every now and then, OK – but not daily. Book reading every day causes butt spread, probably because of the snacking I do when I sit still and read. So, that is out as a daily “look forward to life” event. Hmmmm.

HEY! I’ve got it! Pick ONE thing, at least, every day, that I enjoy doing, and do it for that one day! Then, tomorrow, pick something else! Then, everyday will be worth living, enjoyable, and different! YEA – problem solved!!


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