28: Too Much to Do!

So what ELSE is new? I always have too much to do and things I need to work on that should be done so I can get ahead, instead of trying to keep up! However, there are limits to the amount of work a human body (and mind, since mine is mostly the intellectual sort of labor instead of the physical part) can accomplish in one span of 24 hours. I have often dreamed of everything I could accomplish if only I did not require sleep. Unfortunately, I do. A lot of it.

So, a problem to solve. What to do about it? First, I need to learn to say no. Since “no” is such a loaded word in English, full of responsibilities shirked, favors unreturned and helpfulness avoided, I mentally cringe from using it. So, what would happen if I used the Arabic word instead? To me, “la” is the sixth note of the scale, nothing more. It does not “really” mean no, even though it does. Perhaps I could use la instead of no – then I might be more willing to say it, since it is not a “real” no. Hey, whatever works!!

Second, I need to take my Ritalin during the workday. I, like most adult ADD sufferers, regardless of age, resent the fact that I have a problem. I do not like taking medication for this problem, even though it really does help me concentrate. I have too many things to accomplish in any given day – so if I take my concentrating medication, I will lose fewer minutes in useless twiddling, and actually get a few more minutes of real, live work accomplished. Over a few days, that little bit of extra accomplishment should really add up to significant differences in what I can get done. Maybe I will catch up and actually get ahead! (Pipe dream music playing, here!)

Third, I need to learn to actually ask my loving and helpful husband for back massages. They are wonderful tension reducers, and they lead to even better tension reducing activities, so I need to learn to ask for them. It is not like he MINDS that I have asked!

And last but deninitely not least, I need to accept that there will be some times when I am just over loaded. I can only do what I can do, and no more. Put on your big girl panties (the plain ones, not the ones with Ariel the Mermaid), and DEAL with it!


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