30: New Kitty Person

A few days ago, I was taking my trash to the rubbish bins and saw some of the residence children playing. They had a cute little orange striped kitten, so I went over to say hello. One of the children said clearly that the kitten was HIS, so I said how cute and friendly he was, and left them to their play. Several days later, leaving school for the day, I saw the same little kitten wandering the grounds. I figured the boy had taken the kitten home, and either mom or dad (or BOTH) had said NO, so the kitten was returned to the great outdoors.

We played tag for a while. I would get close,and the kitten would move away. I would get close again, and the kitten would move away. We repeated this for quite some time, until he finally let me stroke down his back, and then I was judged OK, so I was allowed to pick him up and dispense cuddles. I left my lunchbox and took the kitten home, returning later for my abandoned lunchbox. When I got home with the madly purring little fellow, I took him into the bathroom and set him down in front of a filled kitty kibble bowl, which he instantly attacked. I left him busily eating, happily kneading the cat food in the bowl with both front paws while he ate.

I took off my T-shirt, and used it to make a sleeping nest under the steam heat rediator, a nice warm place, and refilled the water bowl. Little kitty obviously thought he had landed in the chocolate patch. He had a full kibble bowl, a fresh water bowl, a clean kitty potty, and a soft, warm sleeping nest. Life is GOOD! Every time we went into the bathroom, little kitty was purring, in a peaceful bliss under the warm radiator, stretched out for a nice nap, fat little tummy bulging full of kibble.

He was a smart little fellow, since he quickly used the kitty potty, and returned to his nest for more nap. Everytime he woke up when we came in the bathroom, he would waddle over and get another bite of kibble, even though his poor little tummy was stretched tight with food. Maybe he was afraid he would be put outside again, and was trying to be a full as possible if that happened again.

He is extremely affectionate, with a loud, happy purr rumbling in his chest, rolling over onto his back for more scratchies under his chin. He is about seven to eight weeks old, and is up for adoption, since we already have four rescued cats in our little one-bedroom apartment, and they are not exactly thrilled about the new visitor. Mom and dad PET the new visitor, and those cuddles and scratchies are for ME. Hiss, growl, hiss. Wounded, jealous feelings, fluffed tails.

So, new visitor needs a family all his very own. We will keep him for several days to allow his internal workings to stabilize onto dry cat food, because whoever had him temporarily gave him milk, and that gives cats intestinal problems, even if they do like it. He is house trained already, a real sweetie, and cute, too!



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