33: Work, work, work, work…..

I know it does not get anything done when I rant about how much I have to get done, but it makes me FEEL better, so there. I have curtains to stitch so that the light does not filter through so hubby can watch his digital projector. I have a dress I want to make out of a painted T-shirt that I have been waiting to do, and two pieces of fabric just calling my name for a dress, a backpack to repair and a shirt that needs a few stitches.

Then, I have to finish posting and commenting on grades for this nine weeks grading period, and the lesson plans for at least the last month to catch up on. I HAVE lesson plans, I just have not written them down yet. Darn it. I have lesson handouts to create for two novels we are reading in class, plus chapters in American and World history to create study questions for. THEN, we have lessons in two classes of Computer Applications, and one for Senior Project – what we will be doing after the college application essay project. The last classes are ART, and they will be working soon on portfolios, which I need more cardboard for! Then we have to begin writing poetry for our Literary magazine, and planning our Coffee House performance. Sheesh.

I am painting a big wall hanging of a mermaid sitting on an undersea rock, with sea life all around her, and her red hair floating on the current. I also have the image of a papier-mache mask going full guns, and have collected the materials to complete it, I just have to actually DO it.

I have to hunt online for life insurance – term for hubby. I have to organize my clothes upstairs, so that the flimsy Marjane closet can actually hold what I put in there. I need to take little kitty for his kitten shots and worming. I need to read about 40 books on my “must-read” list. And I have to relax a little before my shoulders get so tight that my head pops off of them.

I need to turn in applications for employment – teaching positions in other countries, in case I do not get rehired here. I have two children in college and MUST be employed, so it is important to have a backup plan in case they do not want me back – it could happen.  I need to contact another professional who has volunteered to help me conduct my doctoral dissertation research using her students – and I have to write instructions for her so she knows what to do with the lessons I planned for this research. Then I have to edit my 40+ page Concept paper (AGAIN) and resubmit it, and then I get to edit my 150 page+ Doctoral Dissertation Proposal. I also need to email other schools begging for more teachers to help me do this research project, since I need more participants than my small school can supply – or so the dissertation committee says. AND I need to RELAX before my shoulders get so tight I can’t even turn  my head left and right.

I think that was most of it. I am sure I forgot something, though……


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