34: Frustration

Frustration is the overwhelming desire to strangle the crap out of someone who REALLY, REALLY needs it, and having to restrain yourself because such behavior is beneath you, not socially acceptable, will cost you your job, insert any other stupid reason here……

Let’s get real. What you probably need most from me is a slap in the face, or a spanking, but I don’t love you enough to do that to you, even that is what would help you the most, because of what it would cost me – and you are SOOOOooooo not worth it.

So there. Glad that is off my chest.


4 thoughts on “34: Frustration

  1. I think that Frustration is the worst feeling in human nature. For my part I can’t control my self for too long, I have to go and hit on something. Especially when the person who made you mad continues on pissing you off, some people kill for less than that. Great post.

  2. Awsome post. If I had a choice, I would beat the crap out of a lot people I met during my life. Fortunately for them, I can’t!! The reason why I can’t is either because they’re old and I should respect them, or because they’re teachers who think that they get payed just to treat students in a horrible way.

  3. When I m frustrated I can’t control myself at all, I don’t feel what I do in that moment. I can kill someone or I can severely injure someone. I should probably marry a woman who can control me.

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