35: So THERE

There is enormous satisfaction for getting something that is on my mind onto paper, as it were, even though this is not really paper. Onto screen?? Anyhoo, it feels good to get it OUT! I enjoy writing things down because once they are written down it is as if there is now more room in my brain, because that thing that was taking up space is now on the paper, instead, so I have removed it from the mental area I have to work with, swept the clutter out, and cleaned up the messy spots. Huge sigh of relief. Clean slate. Fresh space.

Sometimes I write when I am happy about something. Sometimes when I am furious about something I write about it. Sometimes when I am depressed, I vomit whatever is wrong onto the paper, and I feel better. Like really vomiting when your tummy is upset – you feel better because all that nasty poison is OUT.  It works the same way mentally, too.

Plus, it is sort’ve neat to go back and re-read it later – sometimes a LONG time later. Often whatever I wrote at the time is really funny – later, that is. Usually when I wrote it, it was not funny. Like real life again. Often when something happens it is embarassing, infuriating, or just plain stupid, not funny. It is sometime later that you can look back and recognize how funny some incidents really were. It is nice that my most embarassing moments were just someone else’s temporary entertainment. That is reassuring, somehow – no matter how badly I screw up, it’s just going to be funny later on, not embarassing anymore.

Writing also helps me improve my skills, especially writing on the computer – my typing is getting better – fewer typos. Plus, I get to creatively express myself, even when what I write is not very creative, sometimes. It is still me!


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