36: Making a difference

So. You have just passed another day. SO what? What contribution to mankind have you made, beyond the simple fact that you lived another day and did not kill anyone? What does your existence MATTER? Who cares? In a hundred years, who will know you ever existed? I think this is the number one reason people have children, to pass along a legacy, something of themselves, for posterity.

People who create do not have this problem – they leave behind them things they have created, objects of their own creativity that will outlast their own existence. Children also count in that category, don’t get me wrong, but children have this annoying tendency to go off in their own directions, which might not be the directions you would particularly like to have yourself remembered for. Hitler had parents, if you know what I mean. So did all the mass murderers, too. Not exactly the sort of legacy most people would like to be remembered for, unless you are a *real* sicko.

So, we reproduce to pass our genes into history. Sort of. Most of us reproduce because we were not too careful, if you know what I mean. That is why sometimes it is said that adopted children never have to worry about being wanted – they KNOW they were wanted and planned for. A lot of the rest of us just arrived. No, that does not mean you were not wanted just because you were born, even if you were a “mistake.” Even mistakes that were not exactly planned for are welcomed into the world by most of their parents (usually), because they actually do realize that the baby is the only truly innocent one in the whole situation.  My son was not exactly planned for, but he was welcomed and much-loved anyway. Now, if he would only get busy and graduate from college!

Anyway, I have left products of my creativity upon this Earth, besides my two children, I mean. I have created works in metal, sculptures, ceramic pieces (they really DO last forever!) paintings, works in fabric, jewelry, and lots of other media. Ceramic pieces are some of the oldest artifacts primitive man ever created, and I have created a lot of them! I hope that all of these various things will be used and appreciated long after I have departed this mortal coil. I have kept a dress that my grandmother made for me when I was a youngster, and I treasure it – perhaps my granddaughter will also appreciate it one day, if I ever have a granddaughter. I have also left lots of lesson plans during my teaching career, and given the way education works, the lesson plans are likely to outlive the ceramic pieces. I am not kidding.


2 thoughts on “36: Making a difference

  1. We live in a vast world and we are but a tiny speck of it, yet each and everyone one of us has made an impact in this world, whether we are the president of the United States or a waiter in a coffee shop. Everyone deserves to be commemorated, although some more than others and differently too; an evil dictator will leave behind a different and a bigger impact on the world than a robber and a man who saved his nation will also leave a bigger impact on the world than a man who saved his family. The greater the deed or the greater the sin, the more you are remembered and for the simple reason that

  2. the world needs to remember the great deeds that have been contributed or the sins that have been commited in order to prevent people from commitig similar mistakes and to encourage future exploits. If every good deed and sin was to be written about in a book or uttered on TV, then books and TV would be neverending, which is why people pay tribute to themselves by having children that will pass along their legacy.

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