39: What if……..?

What if things were different? What if I had made other choices? What if , what if, what if………? How much time we waste in thinking and reminiscing and agonizing over what ifs. Would life be different if things were different – so what if it would be? I can make things different RIGHT NOW, if I want to! I can change my habits, change my job, change my wardrobe, change my spending, change my mind, my religion, my thoughts, my friends – I can change. Now, the question becomes: do I WANT to change?

Sometimes a change is a good thing. I quit my job in America and I accepted a job in Morocco, in another country on another continent, a new part of the world for me. It has been a very good change. The new job is both exciting and less stressful. I have lost stubborn weight (finally), I am seeing lots of new things, and discovering new places, customs and people – even new languages!

Sometimes change is not a good thing. Sometimes you don’t realize the down sides to a change until you have made the change, and are living with the consequences. That is part of the experience of making a change, sometimes, but not always. I choose to believe that changes are mostly good things, that make you expand your horizons and grow as a person, learning to depend on yourself while embracing the new things this change has brought into your life.  I choose to view that as a good thing.


3 thoughts on “39: What if……..?

  1. Change can be good and bad, concerning to you I think its good because you came to Morocco for your your new job. And now you are seeing new things such as culture, people, how people are living. I think its not good to stay for years in only one country, its a bit boring. You need to see new things in life that you don’t have in the U.S. Nice What if……..? hahahaha!!!!!

  2. Leyna:
    Change is crucial in order to live a diverse life and to discover every aspect it offers. We must take advantage of the vast world we live in and endeavor experiencing its different facets in order to find where we stand best.

  3. That everything happens for a reason. If you were meant to make a mistake, it was to learn from it, and if you were meant to do a good thing and feel good about what you have done, it means that you needed a break. I don’t know if everyone has a guardian angel or not, but if we did, I think that this would be their jobs. I think that what ifs were invented for people who aren’t sure of themselves and question their every move. Here you questioned why people use what ifs and that was my answer. I used to question everything that I did but I got over that because my father explained to me that stressing yourself out with something that is in the past is just worthless. The past is gone, the future is a mystery, and the present is a gift, that’s why we call it a present.

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