41: Bathroom Experience

The bathrooms – you know, that is a stupid word for a public toilet that has no means of taking a bath. The restrooms – wait a minute – that word is not appropriate, either, because nobody in their right mind would want to “rest” in there. The “toilet rooms” at our school have nice steam heat radiators installed in them. Currently, as I write, it is the last day of November 2011. There was a heavy frost on the grass and cars as I walked to work/school this morning. About 9:30 a.m., my morning cup of tea had percolated down to the point that it was requesting release – rather strenuously.

So, I retired to the ladies’ “toilet room.” I immediately noticed there was a decided chill to the air. I checked the radiator – the temperature setting showed what should have been a comfortable 23 degrees Celsius, but that was not what I was feeling at the moment. I cautiously touched the metal radiator: stone cold. UGGGHHHhhh. I might as well be doing my business outside!

Accepting the inevitable, I chose a stall and undid my nice, warm clothing, and, being female, gingerly perched on the ice-cold seat. YEOUCH!! Let’s just say that was the swiftest restroom, uh, toilet room break of my LIFE. And washing my hands in that freezing room was not much fun, either, especially since the hot air hand dryer is not working – I reported that thing was broken a month ago. Must make mental note to report it again. And again.

Why is there no heat in the res, uh, toilet room? Is it so that, like me, the students will request permission to go there only when ABSOLUTELY necessary, and not waste time taking their time while there? If that is the reason, someone here has a nasty sense of humor. That outhouse experience was not fun. I wonder if I can hold it until I get back home, where it is warm??


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