42: Husbands and Wives

There are several cultures on the face of this here old Earth that follow the practice of multiple wives. Now, that is another entire post all on its own right there. But, the subject of this one is WHY are there NO cultures (that I know of) that allow multiple HUSBANDS?? Being female, this situation interests me far more than the multiple wives thing. Besides, any man in his right mind knows perfectly well that he cannot satisfy even ONE woman, so why they try that crap with more than one just proves they are mentally retarded. Which all of us females already knew. So there.

Why not multiple husbands? With more than one man working to support the family, the financial burden most families labor under would be really reduced, or even eliminated. Besides, who cares who fathered the children? Really? The popular saying is that it takes a whole village to raise a child Рwhy not more than one dad? Discipline and monitoring of children would certainly be easier with more adults around, and men make good teachers, too.

Besides, when it comes to cooking, who are the famous professionals at it? Not women. The famous chefs are men, so let a man do the cooking for the family. The same holds true for everything else, too – who are the famous experts on educating and raising children? Not women. Those names are male – let them raise and educate the children. Does not all of this make good sense?

I think the reason why it does not work out in real life is that men cannot share, like little children, and that is why multiple women in a home can get along, but not multiple men. So there. Times two.


One thought on “42: Husbands and Wives

  1. I agree with all your points here, since it is true that it would make sense to have many men to take care of one family. It would probably end most poverty in the world if men shared a house and all worked to supply one household, but you are right when you say that men cannot share. Each have their own reasons, but most of them can’t share because of their pride, they need others to see what they have, and cannot share it with anyone, but as long as there is religion, the woman will be inferior, and sometimes this means sharing a man with other women. I am not inventing this, it’s just that Eve is said to have come from Adam’s rib, which logically makes her less powerful.(No hatin’, I don’t believe in this)

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