43: More Randomness

How random is random?

You never know when something you say will lift or harm someone: be careful what you say.

Do my cats really love me, or am I just a source of food? They come and rub on me when I DON’T have food, is that proof?

Since we have no way to actually, unarguably VERIFY how the world began, why do we waste time arguing about how it happened? Why not just accept that it did happen, and go on from there?

Is ADD a handicap, or an advantage?

Why does the thought of an electrical outage bring on a panic attack because there will be no TV, no computer, no stereo, no fridge, no water, no videos, no movies, etc., etc., etc.? We are still breathing, right?

Speaking of breathing, it is NOT an academic activity. Just because you show up for class and contribute to the hot air in the room, that does NOT mean you are passing my class. Dodo.

Is religion a handicap, or an advantage?

Terrorist Islamist: why are you so threatened by MY religion that you want to kill everyone who practices it? If YOUR religion is so great, why are you not confident that I will “see the light” and convert to your religion?

If Jews are so bad, consider this: nobody has to worry about THEM on an airplane.

No adult can look adult and businesslike with a lollipop stick sticking out of their mouth. So why does a cigarette not give the same childish impression? Just because it is on fire? What sane person puts burning things in their face?

Never order spaghetti or fried chicken on a first date. And if he takes you to McDonald’s for the first date, think twice.

If you think EVERYONE is weird, maybe you’d better check your mirror. If EVERYONE thinks you are weird, ditto.

Who was the first person to look at a cow and think: I’m going to squeeze these dangly things and drink what comes out?

Why is being female more trouble than it is worth? Some days, anyway!! Is that also true for being a guy, or are they ridiculously happy all the time, like they look like they are?


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