44: Archaeology

Archaeologists dig into the trash of centuries and make assumptions about the people who once lived there by what they find in the trash piles, in the ruins of their homes, in their abandoned cities. What will future archaeologists think about us?

You already know when they find something they cannot explain easily, it always has a “religious” significance. Think for a moment with me about our modern homes. In nearly every modern home, rich or poor, there is one room bigger than the others that has places for people to sit, and furniture for that purpose. Usually, that furniture is arranged so that every person seated in that biggest room can easily see…..what object? All the chairs and sofas face what? The TV. Are future archaeologists going to conclude that each of us has a worship center in our homes, and that black box transmits our religion to us all individually, in our homes?

Come to think of it, how far wrong would they actually be in making that assumption?


2 thoughts on “44: Archaeology

  1. I’ve never thought about what future generations are going to think about us. I can’t imagine how many terrible things they are going to write in history books about our bloodthirsty generation. Archaeologists would not be that wrong, saying that we worshiped a big black box, because in a way it’s true. The television is watched in countries all over the world, in almost every household, what would happen if none were left? What would we do? It would probably be another “the end is coming” thing that you most often hear coming from religion, so I wouldn’t really blame them for making this interpretation.

  2. Like us before, next generations will be surprised from our way of living. And as you said in your post we will look like people who worshiped a black object. Because of that many Tvs all over the world I don’t they are really wrong in making this assumption.

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