46: New Ideas

I wonder how many people have had a great idea that they made money on? A T-shirt design, or a new gadget, or something else really simple that caught on and became a “must have.” There have been thousands of such ideas. Why not one of MY ideas? I could use megabucks like anybody else could, and I get some pretty decent ideas, too. It is using one to get the other that appears to be the problem.

I thought of a tiny planned community for new couples, singles and families, using small efficient cottages on a plot of land – with a swimming pool and a tennis court, and a playground for the children. When homes are small and efficient, they are not  expensively priced. That means people can actually afford to purchase them, like an apartment, but instead of being joined together like apartments are, it is a small, separate home. New homes in the community can be built when an existing one sells, so nobody goes bankrupt, and the community grows slowly, like a real neighborhood does.

I also thought of a picture frame that is four corners and wires across the back, so one frame adjusts to fit any size picture. Why couldn’t I make a million dollars on that one?

I thought of making wooden carved masks, with all sorts of expressions and decorations. Living in Morocco, in Africa, they should sell. I also thought of making a kitchen island out of heavy timbers, sort of a butcher-block table, that I could use as a food preparation area in my tiny little kitchen. Rolling out the crust for a pie is really cramped with my little bitty bit of counter space. That table would REALLY help, and would be very easy to build.

I thought of making saddlebags for bicycles, too. That way you can carry stuff on your bike easily.

There are tons of good ideas floating around out there, and in here in my cranium. Now, it is just a matter of getting them started. Hummmmmm…..pass me that bowl of popcorn, would you? I think I’ll start right after I finish watching this movie……


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