47: End of one year, start of another

We are completing a school year – the calendar year, anyway. 2011 is ending, dying with its last gasps, and 2012 is waiting breathlessly to be born. I cannot WAIT for a new year to start, because I will sure be glad to see the end of THIS one!

Not that this year was so bad, actually. It was nothing stellar or spectacular, either, mind you. There were more than the usual number of disappointments and aggravations, nothing like calm or serene – not that I have ever had too many of THOSE years! I fully expect, even into my 90’s (if I ever get there) that there will be few years that I will count as calm and serene. I apparently do not possess that gift.

Nonetheless, there is something inherently exciting about starting the new year – it is pregnant with new possibilities, new places, new things, new ideas and new friends. All the new things that will happen are trembling at the door, awaiting the time to enter my life – which will be in just a few more days, when the brand new year of 2012 is welcomed with fireworks and celebration. Does everyone feel this anticipation? I hope so – it is a pretty positive way to begin another new year. Bonne chance, world!


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