49: Charity clothes sort

I just spent most of my morning sorting donated clothes for charity. My students conducted a bake sale to purchase used clothing from the local souk – the flea market. They earned over 2,500 dirham. With these funds, they bought boots, coats, and other warm clothing – including lots and lots of new socks. The FUN part was sorting all of this stuff out once we got back to school. Small, medium and large – boy’s and girl’s things in each size. Then rummaging for enough boxes to put everything for the trip this afternoon to deliver it all! Whew!

I brought a lot of my own things for the donation, too. I had extra warm sweatshirts that I just don’t wear, and some clothes that I consider ungratefull ones. You know the sort I mean: the ones that announce with glee that you have gained weight, instead of gracefully hiding this fact. Or, the ones that want to be ironed each time they are laundered: you know, the ones that are not grateful that you own them. Time to send them off to someone else they might like better.

I also had an extra package of new socks myself, and my husband had a dozen that he claimed were extra. I’m not too sure about that; we’ll see if he goes on a sock-buying spree for Christmas. Then I’ll know for sure if they were “extra” socks or not. We also donated two nice, warm jackets that we don’t often wear, so they were nearly new, and a pair of sneakers that were my “extra” pair, waiting until the pair I am wearing out gets….well, worn out. A few nice skirts that I have not worn in the past year, and a few more shirts, and that was our donation – oh, I forgot the extra scarves. And I had 50 or 60 mechanical pencils that I added to the pile. I figured they were school children, and could use the pencils, too.

It is a good thing to participate in a charitable drive for other people who need some help. I NEVER feel bad about that, unlike what happens when my tax dollars go to support people who are just too darn lazy to work, and think that the world owes them a living. Now, THAT stuff makes me furious. I give when I can see a need, and those OTHERpeople need a quick foot in the butt, which I would love to donate to them.


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