69: Being Unwell

Being sick is not much fun. Yes, I get to be in the bed a lot, which I usually enjoy quite a bit, when I am actually well. Being in the bed queasily nauseous, having to get up at odd and inconvenient moments to head (yet again) back to the bathroom is not my idea of rest and relaxation. Besides, it was COLD this past weekend, Friday when I was sickest, especially. Fever is not the best companion for a cold, wet, raining and sleeting day.

In Morocco, the buildings are constructed of a masonry block. There is NO insulation, except for the dead air space inside the masonry blocks. Some of these are the typical concrete blocks I am accustomed to seeing, and some are ceramic blocks instead. But there is no insulation. The width of the blocks is supposed to get the job done, and it does not. We vacated all of our apartment when we moved into it, except for one room, the bathroom and the kitchen. We heated just that one room, for economy, through the remainder of winter.

Now that the weather has gotten warmer for the Springtime, we are gradually taking back the other rooms of our two-bedroom apartment – including the bedroom. The only problem is that this past week, we were having a winter’s last-gasp spell of cold. That meant the bedroom was pretty icy. That meant I was, too. I piled on blankets, but….

I think the most inconvenient thing about being sick is not the enforced inactivity, but the lack of any drive to get anything done from that huge list of mine. I have a lot of things to do right now, and the last one of them is rest and relaxation. Besides, even the weight loss I experienced during Friday and Saturday was killed off by the voracious return of appetite on Sunday. I almost made myself sick again. So, I did not even get to enjoy being a bit slimmer – for long.

So, I am back at work, even more behind than I was before I got sick, and nothing to show for it. Yucky.


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