72: The joy of doughnuts

Morocco, where I am currently living and working, is full of pastries. Pastry shops abound, nearly on every street corner. Most of these are delicate, multi-layered French pastries, often with fruit filling or cream filling in several varied flavors and types. The problem is that I am a doughnut fiend, of Krispy Kreme fame. Dunkin’ Donuts are OK, but they are not the “real” ones: yeast dough, fried and drenched in sugar glaze. Here in Morocco, I was going through withdrawal.

And then, my husband and I moved to Azrou. Azrou is a much larger town that the smaller village of Ifrane, where we had been before. Once we were living there, and I started walking around the smaller shops on the back streets, a real treasure I discovered was two small shops that make doughnuts. These are not quite as light and fluffy as the Krispy Kremes from home, but they are HUGE, and they are dipped on one side into granulated sugar, so they are a little less messy than the liquid sugar glaze that is on the Krispy Kremes. AND, like the KK doughnut shops in the U.S., you can watch them make them right in front of you – no glass wall between you and the goodies. You take home a big bag of fresh, still-warm, yeasty, sugary doughnuts. I am in heaven!!


3 thoughts on “72: The joy of doughnuts

  1. Mmm… you already know that I love those donuts! You still didn’t bring me some haha! I really wish that a shop like that would move to Ifrane, we have some good ones but like you said, they only make unoriginal French tapestry. We need some new things around here!

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  3. Yum yum, its sounds good you finally found some good places that make donuts. Not like Ifrane, they started making donuts in a shop in the marche, but they stopped making them. Its very rare that they keep on with a business. Bring some of the donuts.

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