78: Students

I am a teacher of students grades 1 through grade 12. We just concluded a grading period. I am going through the usual flack from students who have been less than careful about getting all assignments announced in class completed, or made up, on time. Consider, now, that I accept late work FAR later than I should accept it, in spite of the course syllabus all students recieved that says that it is my choice to accept late work OR NOT, and that I reserve the option to accept it late for reduced credit. I have not so far this year *not* accepted late work, even work turned in DAYS after the term is over, for FULL credit. You would think students are grateful for this. This is not the case. I have been perceived as weak, and have been verbaly abused not once, but several times by several students in the last few days.

I can learn from my mistakes, too. What I have just been taught, by my beloved students, is that students are not grateful for extra consideration, not grateful that I accepted late work for full credit. I can learn from this mistake. I will simply cease to do this. Any late work I do choose to accept will be for major points off – at least one letter grade for each day it is submitted late. And, I will not accept just any late work: on some assignments I will provide zeros for any work, by any student, not submitted on time.

This should end the problems, no? I have, after all, been counseling students ALL YEAR to WRITE down assignemnts due in their agenda book. Is this happening? Obviously not. If it were happening, I would not be grading the majority of work I get late. We’ll see if this new policy makes life easier for me. They don’t pay me enough for this grief.


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