79: New donkey baby

Today, as I was conducting part of my usual forty-five minutes walk to work this morning, I passed a construction site for a new villa in Ifrane. These houses are built of masonry, not insulated, and the construction workers mix the concrete on the road, making foot traffic swerve around the puddles and piles of sand and gravel. As I was nodding good morning to one worker who was sifting sand for the concrete mix, I noticed behind the big pile of sand, on the verge of the road, a pot-bellied donkey who had with her a nearly new-born foal. This little donkey was not yet a week old, and was fuzzily, long-leggedly, adorably cute. I watched as this darling tucked his head under his mama’s belly to nurse. 

As I continued on my way, I pondered this conundrum: humans are cute when they are little, too. WHAT HAPPENS? By the time they are grown, cuteness is a thing of the past.  So, for the most part, is sweetness. And innocence? I WISH.

Growing up is a desirable thing. Nobody likes a baby who has long outgrown their cuteness. Let’s face it, there are far too many adults who are still trying unsuccessfully to be children. They are avoiding responsibility, delight in being childish, have not disciplined their emotions, have little respect and fewer scruples, and are generally very disagreeable people. Especially if you must either work or live with them. Nothing matters but what concerns them, and what benefits or inconveniences them. Their opinion is the only one that matters (at least as far as *they* are concerned) and their wishes must be met.

The other thing I ruminated upon as I walked along was this truism: people who are wealthy, and people who were raised in cities or urban areas (or both, God forbid) have precious little common sense. What is it about being raised in the country that contributes so much to reason and intellect, and what knowledge is commonly called “common sense?” What is it about getting your hands filthy dirty that makes people’s brains turn on?

Consider which segments of the U.S. population elected Barack Obama to be the President of the United States. Invariably, it was the out-of-touch, illogical, wishful-thinking, hands-out-for-a-handout, urban dwellers who overwhelmingly voted for this idiot who had absolutely no credentials to hold this country’s highest office. Overwhelmingly, people who lived in rural areas saw through the hype and rhetoric he spewed, and did not vote for him. The only trouble is that in this modern age, the people who work for a living are outnumbered by the people who vote for a living.

So, we elected a President that was supposed to change America. Boy, has he. I did not know that vacating the country would be such a wise decision when we sold all our possessions and left to go live and work overseas. America does not look like the same place, and may be unrecoverable. And all that is because of the donkey’s baby: Democratic President Barack Obama.


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