81: Sciatic nerve

I vaguely knew what a sciatic nerve was. I remember seeing some commercials on TV that mentioned that sciatic nerve pain can begin in the lower back, and can spread down the leg and even into the feet and ankles. I do remember hearing about that.

Hearing about that, and EXPERIENCING that, are two vastly different creatures. Like an ant and and elephant. Since our little plastic car has been wrecked, I have been walking to the grande taxi stand in Azrou (15 minutes uphill), taking the taxi to Ifrane, where I work daily, and walking to the school (30 minutes uphill), then walking back to the grande taxi stand in Ifrane (30 minutes, but at least downhill), and taking the taxi to Azrou, which lets me out for my last 15 minutes’ walk home, again, downhill this time. That is an hour and a half of swift walking a day, usually loaded with my laptop and other papers. The walking has made an impression.

First, my behind has really slimmed down. You would THINK this would be a cause for rejoicing – but NO. I sit on my behind for hours per day, while I work on the computer as my students get their assignment for the day and begin working on THEIR computers. I used to have a nice, cushy behind. This new behind is bone and muscle, and MUCH skinnier. It does not appreciate being sat upon so much. It discusses this fact with me, its owner, daily.

Second, I have gotten so full of sore and stiff muscle and joint pain that walking is becoming an endurance contest, each and every day. Occasionally, the stabs are so sharp, my knee gives way beneath my weight. If I sit for a minute, I stiffen up so badly that my first few steps make me look 90 years old, hobbling, grimacing, holding on to support, until I can limber up enough to walk fairly normally. Steps, either up OR down, are agony.

My doctor gave me some meds that killed the pains dead. What relief!! But, gradually, creeping up on me Indian-style, the pain has returned. Yesterday, I went for x-rays to try and figure out what is causing all this – other than the walking, which is completely self-evident. Wish me luck!!


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