82: Snotty Nose

My babies are sick. My kitty babies, that is. Humsa, my gorgeous orange-striped lover boy, is sneezing, and has infection in his eyes. He is not feeling well. He is still eating, but he does not want to play, and that means that Humsa feels bad, if he is not wanting to play. Honey Bunny is bleary-eyed, too, so she has caught the bug as well. And Timinia, number eight (too many OF ya), is sneezing and bleary-eyed. All he wants to do is sleep, so he is not feeling too well, either. At least they are all three eating still, so they are not TOO sick, such that I must take them to the vet.

So my husband and I discussed what to do. If it is a virus, a round of antibiotics will not really help, since a virus is not affected by an antibiotic, which is designed to kill off BACTERIA, not viruses. Colds are viruses. If they have a cold, the antibiotic won’t help them with that. BUT, the antibiotic will help with the bleary, infected eyes, so we decided to purchase the antibiotic for them, and treat them for the part of their illness that we CAN treat – the infection.

After just one dose, Humsa was playing with Timinia and Honey Bunny, the very next morning. YEA!! They are all three feeling better!! We will treat them for a couple of more days until the antibiotic is finished to be sure they are getting well, but apparently that medicine did the trick and kicked the bacteria’s butt. I have happy babies again!


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