87: Escaping to Spain

We are wanting to escape Morocco and go to Spain. Not the mainland Spain, just the bits that are still on the African continent: Mellia and Cueta. These two smallish cities are Spanish toe-holds left over from when Spain conquered this part of the world, and gradually lost ground until these two cities are all that’s left.

These two cities are enormously popular with Moroccans, because they are access to goods that simply cannot be found in most cities in Morocco, and for much less money, too. Milk, for instance, the ultra-high temperature pasteurized sort that can sit on the shelf, unrefrigerated, for months and still be good, is HALF price in Spain compared to what it costs in Morocco. And the cat food, litter and related supplies like collars and leashes and much less than half price. Pork is available, which is like gold here, since it is generally something that just cannot be found. Let’s get real – Morocco is a Muslim country, and Spain is not. Muslims, like Jews, don’t eat pork for religious reasons. I am not Muslim or Jewish, and will happily dine on pork, just like any other Spanish Catholic. Pork is available there in whole, luscious hams. Drool.

Plus, I can find things like jewelry findings, so that I can make my own jewelry. I learned to do this when I discovered that I can make lots of jewelry for what it costs me to purchase one ready-made piece. Spain has dollar stores – well…not really….they are Euro stores, which is the closest equivalent. Everything in there is one Euro – and they have tons of neat stuff that I have trouble finding in Morocco. Razor knives, five or six to the pack, for one Euro. Masking tape. Knitting needles and crochet hooks. Sewing supplies. Other good stuff, too.

The problem is that our little plastic car was wrecked, and is being repaired, but is not ready yet. Taking the bus up north to Mellia or Cueta is just not on. It is cheap enough, mind you, but there is no potty on the bus. You have to hold it until they stop. AND you have to carry all your luggage to and from the bus. Those cartons of milk are heavy. I think we will wait a few weeks until the car is fixed, and then take a weekend and depart to Spain. WHEE!!!!!


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