88: Facebook

I was a VERY late comer to social networks. It’s just not my thing. However, when my husband and I sold our possessions and moved to Morocco to live and work, we needed an easy way to share pictures with friends from home. Facebook provided that solution. The problem is, Facebook also engendered another whole host of other problems.

First, Facebook can eat up enormous amounts of time that is desperately needed for other things. I work a part-time job online, and it has suffered somewhat from Facebook time. Plus, I am a teacher, so I routinely have papers to take home and score. Facebook is MUCH preferable to grading papers. Except that I NEED to be grading papers, I do not NEED to be surfing Facebook.

Secondly, it is amazing what some people will post. I never knew there were so many Obama-lovers out there, and a lot of them were people I USED to think were reasonably intelligent. At least, the majority of them I can pass off as urban city-dwellers, who obviously have no common sense due to the fact that they have no clue what real life is like, or they are just idjits. Still, what they post would piss off a saint, and a saint I am NOT. Then, there are those who post totally inappropriate things I’d just rather not read, ya know?

All in all, it has been positive, but then, in this imperfect world, I guess it was too much to hope that there would be no drawbacks.


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