89: The problems with job hunting

This is May 23, 2012. That means we have less than a month of school left in this academic year. I have been TOLD that I have a job next year. I do NOT have a signed contract….yet. I have been TOLD that one is coming. For months now, I have been told that.

Now – I have obligations. I regularly send over half of my income from here back to the U.S. to finish paying off the very last of my debts. Including 25,000 worth of educational student loan for the doctoral degree I am working on. I also have two children in college, one of whom is getting married (more $$$$$) in October. I MUST HAVE A JOB for next year.

Because of that imperative, I have been forced, since last December, to apply for jobs whose posting closing dates have come and gone. I cannot afford to sit and wait and hope a contract will appear here, I must apply, in case one does not appear from here, so that I can be assured of having a job. Do you know how long it takes to fill out an employment application? On average, an hour to an hour and a half for each one. I have applied to well over eighty positions, in the U.S. and elsewhere in the world, both in elementary and secondary schools, and in colleges and universities. I do not have the extra time for this. I have papers to grade!!

You would THINK that schools who want their experienced staff to return would sign them for the coming year early – before anybody else gets them, but NO. That apparently is NOT the mindset. Apparently, the idea is that if I wait until the very last possible instant to offer contracts, all the good people will have already accepted positions somewhere else for next year, and now I can choose from whatever is left over. Does this make sense to you??

I told my husband that I would again put this situation into the hands of God. Whoever puts a contract into my hot little hands first gets me for the next year. I figure God is a better judge than I am, and He certainly has not let me down yet.


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