93: Cherries

The cherries are here!

I saw them first on the roadside coming home Tuesday after work. I knew they would be outrageously priced, though – so I waited. Friday on the way home, I stopped. The vendor wanted 30 dirham a kilo, but I managed to get two kilos for 25 dirham each. Big, fat, sweet, black ones. Then, when I got near my house, I saw another vendor who had little cherries (maybe from young trees?) that were about half the size of the big ones I already had. Just for fun, I asked how much they were – 12 dirham a kilo. So, I bought another kilo! Who cares if the cherries are small? They taste just as good, and they were half the price!

Later that weekend, my mom phoned on Skype, and I told her the cherries were in. In the U.S. right now, cherries are also in – for $5.00 a pound. I bought a kilo of them for 12 dirham. Twelve dirham is $1.36 – for two and a quarter pounds. I love this country! I feasted on cherries all weekend. This afternoon, I am going to buy more of them – I might even bake a pie!


2 thoughts on “93: Cherries

  1. I still didn’t get a chance to buy cherriesn, i just tasted some with my friends. I will go buy some today after school, I love them.

  2. Yess!! Morocco is wonderful when it comes to this. I actually went to Azrou just to buy some after I saw the big plate on Friday, and since my friend is Moroccan, I got the whole box of 6 and a half kilos for 120 dhs only!! I stopped in Bensmim on the way back, eating about half the box with my friends and enjoying the view. It doesn’t get much better than this.

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