100: One of THOSE days

Here lately, I have been having one of THOSE days. Several times a week. Yucky. This is not fun. This is hard work!  Actually, it’s not hard work, I am just spoiled, and am learning what many people all over the world already know: going to work every day without a vacation.

Schoolteachers have interesting jobs. For one thing, no day is the same. Each day is different: different classes, or different experiences – certainly different subjects. One of the advantages to being a schoolteacher is the money you are paid. Many people complain that teachers are not well paid, and I suppose that is technically true, given the number of years of preparation and all the hoops that one must jump through and satify in order to get that well-earned teaching certification license.  It’s  not a lot – but it is enough, especially considering the other perk of teaching: the amount of time off in a year’s worth of working. Most teachers are contracted for 190 days of work per academic year. That’s 180 teaching days with students, and 10 staff planning, or development days extra. That leaves us with a good bit of vacation time, which, believe me, is well-deserved, and actually NEEDED in order to recharge batteries worn low by the stresses and demands of teaching a room full of children. I have seen steely-eyed veterans of business, seasoned, experienced businessmen, absolutely quail at the thought of facing a room full of children for eight hours. It can really be tough.

This year, all our vacation time, for some random reason, ended up happening at the first part of the school year, not doled out in measured doses (like medicine, which it IS) periodically throughout the year. This means that we have had no break since quite some time ago, and we are in the grueling last span of time before summer vacation. It has been weeks and weeks since we have had a break, other than weekends, and weekends are great, but weekends are not vacation. Lately, the accumulated work has begun to take its toll, in that I have been having more of THOSE sorts of days lately. The sorts of days that regardless of how hard you try, you seem to just mess up. Like the sign – Keep right, but turn left.  Now, what to do?? Left? Right? Neischen?  I know the cure, and it starts in 14 more days: summer vacation!!


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