101: Azrou and street vendors

Azrou is my new home in Morocco. It is a smallish city about 10 kilometers away (down the mountain) from Ifrane, the village where we used to live and where we still commute to work. So, why move to another city that makes it more difficult to get to work? BECAUSE IT IS WORTH IT!!

Azrou comes alive each evening with street vendors, which my husband and I really enjoy. This last weekend, I scored some great deals: a pair of leather, lightweight sneakers and three pair of shoes – two with low heels perfect for work, and one fantasy high-heeled pair just for fun. Total price 80 dirham for all four pair – that’s less than ten dollars. My husband found a leather pair of sneaker slip-ons for himself that I really like, too – for a bargain price. AND, I found a d’jellaba dealer who had mounds and mounds of female fashion – -for 10 dirham an item – about a dollar and 15 cents each, for a full-length, long-sleeved, outer-wear, hooded robe. I can’t buy the fabric for that, and these are ready-made to wear! I got pink ones, red ones, black ones, brown ones, white ones, green ones, blue ones, grey ones, yellow ones, orange ones….you get the picture. I spent less than 35 dollars, and got 27 of them – enough to wear a different one a day, for a whole month of school. What FUN!!

And clothes is just the beginning of what’s on offer each evening! There are stalls of food (snails, popcorn, chickpeas, roasted corn, ice cream cones, and more) and housewares, costume jewelry, music and movie CD’s, personal care items like shampoo and soap, and lots of other varied things, including furniture! Plus, if you get tired, there are numerous restaurants where you can have a seat, a cup of coffee or tea, a delicious bowl of soup or a sweet pastry, and watch the flow of human and automobile traffic pass by. This show occurs each and every evening, too! Ifrane, where we used to live, does not have that. BOOOOOO! I feel like I am on vacation every day – and Ifrane did not have that, either!!


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