94: Silly Movies

My husband adores silly movies. Slapstick comedy is his forte. His favorite actors are Will Ferrell, Adam Sandler, the Three Stooges, and the like. These movies really are silly, stupidly funny ones. However, they are ‘generally’ safe to watch, in that there is seldom nudity, and usually not too much cussing. It is really hard to find a movie that does not contain bad stuff.

Someone once told a story about a wise mama, who would not allow her youngsters to watch movies that contained bad content. The kids whined and pleaded that there was just a little cussing, or just one bad scene in the whole two-hour long movie, so it wasn’t really bad, you would hardly notice it! She got tired of this, so she decided to teach her kids a lesson. She waited until one Friday night, when the kids had free time to watch a movie, and she let the whining and pleading begin – and then, she brought out a platter of brownies.

She explained to the kids that she had made these brownies just that morning, so they were fresh and sweet. She explained that she used the finest ingredients: sugar, chocolate, fresh butter. There was just one thing – in the batter mix, she had mixed in a little of their dog’s poop. At the kid’s horrified expressions, she calmly protested: it wasn’t much, considering how much batter there was, you’ll hardly notice it – it was just a little bad stuff! None of the kids would touch a single brownie.

Then she pointed out to the kids that the dog poop brownies and most of the movies they were asking to watch (that she was telling them were not good) were one and the same. A little bad DOES ruin the whole batch. She did not have to put up with much whining about the movies after that – they kids got the message. And all it cost was one package of brownie mix.