96: What’s good?

What is good? Is good what harms no one? That’s what the doctors abide by. The Hippocratic oath (Hippocrates was the ‘father’ of medicine) is first, do no harm. So, is that good? If no one is harmed?

Is good supposed to mean what is best for everybody? That’s hard – maybe what’s best for most everybody? So – what about the ones that get left out – that ‘whatever’ is NOT good for? It’s awfully hard to please everybody – just ask a minister or a politician – or a school teacher. Some would claim that’s impossible. So, does that make a decision that is good for MOST everybody a good one, even if it’s not good for some?

What is the final determinator for something good? I doubt that anyone would claim that something good is whatever benefits YOU, irregardless of who else it benefits. I think most thinking people would agree that they are not the center of the universe, and that other people DO matter.

So, what is good? What do YOU think?