104: Fly hunting

Our cats are hunters, instinctively. They like to hunt. When there is nothing else to hunt, they hunt each other. They will freeze, eyes locked on their “prey.” The only thing that will move is the tip of their tail. Then they will stalk closer, one cautious step at a time, watching intently to see if the prey notices. Sometimes, if the prey is a fly, they will utter a strange little meow of trembling excitement during the stalk – a quiet little meow. Then comes the wiggle in preparation for the pounce. They will shift their weight from front paw to front paw, causing an interesting shimmy sort of wiggle – and then the LEAP!!

Lately, since the weather has been warmer, we have been opening doors and windows. Only two of our windows are screened, and that is because WE screened them. The other openings are, well…open, and flies come inside, enticed by the interesting smells coming from inside. This is hunting bonanza for the kitties. They adore stalking flies. Keeps them entertained for hours. Occasionally they will catch one, which they play with until it “breaks,” and then they eat it.

Timinia¬†has become wise about the fly swat. When mom wants to cook something, she gets the fly swat and clears the kitchen area of pests. Timinia has discovered that mom is an awesome fly hunter. When he hears the ‘splat’ of the fly swat, he comes running, because he knows that usually means a fly carcass awaits. He has learned to wait patiently for the ‘splat,’ so he can reap the rewards of the tasty tidbits. Since I generally kill ten or twelve at a time, he gets his treats without having to stalk them.

Medina is our best fly-catcher. She has been known to even snatch them out of the air while they are flying, thinking they are secure in the air. We have seen her leap head-high (6 feet) up the wall to get one. Watching them hunt is endlessly fascinating.


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