107: Penicillin

Great news!

The veterinarian said the that little brown kitten that was sick (that I thought would have to be put down), will be just fine after a week’s worth of amoxicillin, or synthetic penicillin, the wonder drug of the world. He has had four day’s worth, and already his little head is carried a little straighter – not turned so far off to the side, like it was before. He’s improving steadily, and should be all well after three more days. It cost only thirty dirham, and that is cheap to save a life – even if it is a kitten’s life. I am sure that life is pretty important to the kitten, and also to me. He’s a sweet little boy, who mews when he sees me, and runs to me for scratchies and cuddles. He sits on my warm foot, and stretches his little self as high as he can reach, hugging my ankle with both his front ‘arms.’ He’s so little that he does not know how to eat tidily yet, so he gets his food all over his little face and his little front feet – like most babies do. He gets a bath several times a week, to get the food out of his fur. He apparently think this mommy is pretty messy and uses way too much spit to wash him, but he likes it in the towel afterwards, when he gets all the rubbing to dry his fur.

His poor brother gets baths, too, since he is even messier than the little brown one. This brother has long, black and white fur, so long and fuzzy that he looks three times bigger than his little brown brother – but he’s not, it’s all HAIR! So, he gets baths, too, to clean all the leftover cat food out of his fur.

We noticed that they were too small to climb into the kitty potty. The sides of the pan were too tall for them, since they are still so little. We had to find an alternative so they could learn the “proper” place to go to the bathroom, since they were leaving presents everywhere. Thank goodness we put them in the bathroom, with the terazzo concrete floors that can be hosed clean with the shower head. We found a pan with shorter sides, filled it with litter and they both promptly began using it, even thought they are still tiny babies. Cats litter-train pretty easily, because they want to dig and then to cover up their messes when they are done making them, even when still so very little.


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