115: Making BIG Decisions

Nobody wants to make a bad decision, but sometimes we do. Why is that?

Sometimes we don’t have all the necessary information to make a decision, and we choose the best course of action we can at the time, knowing what we know. Sometimes, we give too much weight to one factor, and not enough weight to another factor, and so err in our decision. Sometimes we choose in someone else’s best interests, and it’s not a good choice for us. Sometimes we choose the hard things, when it would be easier to slide by with an easy, and at the same time, not good, choice.

And sometimes, we are just plain wrong. We did our best, and it just was not good enough.  That’s tough. What’s even tougher is forgiving yourself, and letting it go – tomorrow is another day, full of possibilities. We can try again.

Some mistakes, sadly, are permanent. They cannot be fixed. Life is like that. Something that you thought was no big deal turns into a life changing, or even life-ENDING event. It happens, and it is very hard to deal with that.

Just remember this: doing NOTHING is still a choice. Take control – make your best decision, and do your best. You have to live with you!

114:Shirking Duty

Cats are clean creatures. Besides spending hours cleaning themselves every day, they prefer to perform their necessary bodily functions in a sandy place where they can dig a hole, deposit the mess, and cover it up. Their human parents appreciate this tendancy. A LOT.

However, even though this process is instinctual, and you don’t really have to teach cats to do this, occasionally they fall short of performing the entire job. Medina is a fastidious lady. She does not like getting dirty. Occasionally, when she would cover up her poop, she would soil her dainty white paws. This obviously distressd her, and she “solved” the problem. When she poops, she stands up, rests her front paws on the rim of the cat pan, and makes covering motions THERE, safely away from any nasty mess.

Timinia, who also has white paws, has trumped her. When he is done pooping, he gets out of the litter pan entirely, and THEN makes covering up motions – completely outside the pan, where he pooped. This, of course, leaves mom and dad less than pleased, since we have open, smelly piles to scoop, instead of the usual “buried treasure” that we scoop for daily, to remove nasty messes from the litter pans. We already have four litter pans, so it’s not like they don’t have a choice.

I suppose the only option is to get another litter pan, so there is even less crowding then usual. They are interesting personalities, though!

113: The Swimmer

The water in Ifrane, and also in Azrou, is mineral spring water. It is delicious, crisp and flavorful – the good sort of water flavor, not the bad sort that you sometimes get too near the ocean. Near the ocean, sometimes the water tastes of sulfur, and that is NOT a good mineral taste or smell – that is the smell of rotten eggs!

The problem with Ifrane and Azrou water is that it is really mineral water. It has lots of dissolved minerals in it, which will, if the water sits for any length of time, form a thin skim of minerals on the water’s surface. I see this most often when I brew tea, because the tannins in the tea stain this skim of minerals brown, and you can easily see it. I don’t notice the taste of the minerals in the water, but my CATS certainly do.

Sugar Daddy hates the skim of minerals. When he approaches a water bowl at home, he will never drink from the water at first – he puts his paw in the water  and breaks the skim of minerals first. THEN he drinks. He prefers, however, to drink his water FRESH from the tap. This involves a ritual he has developed with one of his human parents. He will leap to the kitchen counter, and sit expectantly beside the kitchen sink. When mom or dad notices this, we will obediently turn on the water for him, just enough so that there is a thin trickle. Then, Sugar Daddy will lap his water from the faucet. When he’s done, he jumps down, and then we turn off the water. He drinks for a LOOOONNNNNGGGGG time.

Fluffy, A.K.A. Fluff-man, is still a kitten, and he has not learned to get his water on demand from mom or dad at the kitchen sink – yet. He also has not quite learned how to break the mineral skim in the water bowl with his paw, but he’s working on it. He goes to the water bowl, sits beside it, and then commences making swimming motions with both front paws, beside the water bowl. Then he drinks, sometimes still “swimming” beside the bowl. It is very interesting to watch him.

He’s never been swimming, at least that I know of, but he’s got the correct motion down pretty well. I can’t wait until we get a real bathtub (instead of just a shower), and swimming is actually a real possibility. Will he indulge in really swimming, or will he decline the opportunity?

112: The Fur Flood

My husband and I have to sleep with the bedroom door closed. This is because we are the parents of eight fur children. If the door is open, at LEAST one fur child is sleeping with us, usually more than one. They do  not sleep politely at the foot of the bed – they want to sleep ON  one of us, or right up underneath someone’s chin. This pretty effectively prohibits sleep for the human occupants of the bed.

So, the door is closed. This means when the door opens in the morning, there is a flood of fur into the bedroom. Everyone is desperately wanting love and affection from mom and dad – as if everyone had nightmares all night long! This morning, I had one on my chest, one on the left side and one on the right, one underneath my upraised knees (beneath the blankets), and one trying to lie down across my face.  I do not have that many hands for pets and cuddles! AAAUUUGGGGHHHhhhh!!

It does not appear to matter how late you stay up, or how early or late you choose to get up – the flood is waiting. If you tarry too long in bed, someone will meow plaintively from the other side of the door, and you will hear the determined scratching of someone who is certain that they can dig their way to mom and dad, if they only dig long enough.

In the words of Scarlett O’Hara: tomorrow is another day – and the fur flood is waiting!

111: Random Thoughts

Who gets to decide? Why should those people who are deciding be the ones who get to decide?

Why do insects have six legs while arachnids have eight, and some other creatures have none at all?

Why is what the imams do at prayer call NOT called singing?

WHY is the first call to prayer at the ungodly hour that it is called? Is it because that is the time to get up and milk the cows?

Why does nobody call you until you get in the shower, or are doing something you don’t want interrupted – why do they always call THEN?

Why is there always too much month left at the end of the money?

Why do girls like shiny things? We are like magpies, for heaven’s sake!

Why is gold so valuable? Why not iron, which is actually much more useful?

Why is it that men can NEVER see the crumbs on the counter? Is it genetic? *I* can see them, why can’t he?

Why does at least ONE cat always have to accompany me when I go to the bathroom? What is so fascinating about that to them?

How come humans can’t fly like birds do? And why do birds have snake-skin legs?

Why are donkeys so cute and so stubborn?

Why don’t humans have fur, like most other mammals?

110: Cat people

There are three kinds of people in the world: cat people, dog people, and strange people. I am a cat person. I claim ten fur children: Sugar Daddy, Souk, Fez, Medina, Humsa, Caruso, Honey Bunny, Timinia, Squeaky and Fluffy – a.k.a. Fluff-man. These are my babies. They are my children – with fur.

I adopted them at various times. Sugar Daddy, the oldest, is almost two years old. The youngest are Squeaky and Fluff (brother and sister) who are only three  months old – so far. They all have individual personalities – just like children do. They all live to be around twenty to twenty-five years old – like children before they finish college and start their own lives. They break things – like children do.  They aggravate you, like children do. They love on you, like children do, too. They bring you presents, like dead mice and birds, UNlike most children do. They beg for food, like children do. They even snitch food, like children do. I remember having to hide the cookie jar from my human children. Now, I have to hide the tuna. Same concept, different food.

It is amazing, actually, how very similar my cats are to my human children. They can even talk. Well, I can understand what they are communicating, at least most of the time. Sometimes I did not understand my human children very well – and they were supposed to be speaking my language – supposed to be, anyway. I can speak (or comprehend) most cat-speak. It’s not too hard. Most of it is begging for food. Or cuddles. SOME of it is LEAVE ME ALONE. That one is pretty clearly understood, too.  And then, there is the occasional: MOM, he/she is BOTHERING ME!! This one, again, is a LOT like my human children used to do. Well do I remember when my son or daughter would come to me with that complaint about their sibling, and my cats also do this when someone is playing too roughly, or they have some other issue with a sister or brother.

The only difference, really, between my fur children and my human ones is that I take my fur children to the veterinarian to be spayed or neutered, so they do  not “gift” me with additional fur children. I adopted THEM, not all their exponential children into the future. Society would frown upon that course of action with the human ones I am a parent to, I am pretty sure.  I guess I am stuck with whatever children THEY choose to have, darn it. Well. Maybe I will like them as much as I do my fur children. Maybe.

109: Rules, rules, rules

Nobody likes rules. This is a fact. and given that this is a fact, that nobody likes rules, then WHY do we have so many of them?? If nobody likes them, who is making up all these rules?

The truth is, WE are making up all these rules. Everyone knows that it only takes one stupid person doing one stupid thing, and then all of the rest of us have a NEW rule. So, foolishness from US makes the new rules. If everyone behaved as reasonable people and did not cause problems, there would be no new rules!! Why cannot we all figure this out??

Let’s vow to be reasonable people and not cause problems, and then there will be no new rules. Simple, isn’t it? Of course, it might take quite some time of good behavior before the rules we already have can be cancelled, because we don’t need them anymore.  Oh, well – that is the subject of another rant, on another day.