109: Rules, rules, rules

Nobody likes rules. This is a fact. and given that this is a fact, that nobody likes rules, then WHY do we have so many of them?? If nobody likes them, who is making up all these rules?

The truth is, WE are making up all these rules. Everyone knows that it only takes one stupid person doing one stupid thing, and then all of the rest of us have a NEW rule. So, foolishness from US makes the new rules. If everyone behaved as reasonable people and did not cause problems, there would be no new rules!! Why cannot we all figure this out??

Let’s vow to be reasonable people and not cause problems, and then there will be no new rules. Simple, isn’t it? Of course, it might take quite some time of good behavior before the rules we already have can be cancelled, because we don’t need them anymore.  Oh, well – that is the subject of another rant, on another day.


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