111: Random Thoughts

Who gets to decide? Why should those people who are deciding be the ones who get to decide?

Why do insects have six legs while arachnids have eight, and some other creatures have none at all?

Why is what the imams do at prayer call NOT called singing?

WHY is the first call to prayer at the ungodly hour that it is called? Is it because that is the time to get up and milk the cows?

Why does nobody call you until you get in the shower, or are doing something you don’t want interrupted – why do they always call THEN?

Why is there always too much month left at the end of the money?

Why do girls like shiny things? We are like magpies, for heaven’s sake!

Why is gold so valuable? Why not iron, which is actually much more useful?

Why is it that men can NEVER see the crumbs on the counter? Is it genetic? *I* can see them, why can’t he?

Why does at least ONE cat always have to accompany me when I go to the bathroom? What is so fascinating about that to them?

How come humans can’t fly like birds do? And why do birds have snake-skin legs?

Why are donkeys so cute and so stubborn?

Why don’t humans have fur, like most other mammals?


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