112: The Fur Flood

My husband and I have to sleep with the bedroom door closed. This is because we are the parents of eight fur children. If the door is open, at LEAST one fur child is sleeping with us, usually more than one. They do  not sleep politely at the foot of the bed – they want to sleep ON  one of us, or right up underneath someone’s chin. This pretty effectively prohibits sleep for the human occupants of the bed.

So, the door is closed. This means when the door opens in the morning, there is a flood of fur into the bedroom. Everyone is desperately wanting love and affection from mom and dad – as if everyone had nightmares all night long! This morning, I had one on my chest, one on the left side and one on the right, one underneath my upraised knees (beneath the blankets), and one trying to lie down across my face.  I do not have that many hands for pets and cuddles! AAAUUUGGGGHHHhhhh!!

It does not appear to matter how late you stay up, or how early or late you choose to get up – the flood is waiting. If you tarry too long in bed, someone will meow plaintively from the other side of the door, and you will hear the determined scratching of someone who is certain that they can dig their way to mom and dad, if they only dig long enough.

In the words of Scarlett O’Hara: tomorrow is another day – and the fur flood is waiting!


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