115: Making BIG Decisions

Nobody wants to make a bad decision, but sometimes we do. Why is that?

Sometimes we don’t have all the necessary information to make a decision, and we choose the best course of action we can at the time, knowing what we know. Sometimes, we give too much weight to one factor, and not enough weight to another factor, and so err in our decision. Sometimes we choose in someone else’s best interests, and it’s not a good choice for us. Sometimes we choose the hard things, when it would be easier to slide by with an easy, and at the same time, not good, choice.

And sometimes, we are just plain wrong. We did our best, and it just was not good enough.  That’s tough. What’s even tougher is forgiving yourself, and letting it go – tomorrow is another day, full of possibilities. We can try again.

Some mistakes, sadly, are permanent. They cannot be fixed. Life is like that. Something that you thought was no big deal turns into a life changing, or even life-ENDING event. It happens, and it is very hard to deal with that.

Just remember this: doing NOTHING is still a choice. Take control – make your best decision, and do your best. You have to live with you!


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