116: Life is YUCKY

Sometimes I get tired of living. It’s not that I am planning to go to the great beyond anytime soon, but I sure could use a break from life every now and then. It seems that life is settling into an ugly routine of work, work, work, with little to no progress made, and very little to show for the effort expended. I wake up – I leave for work, I work all day, I leave for home, I do some more work. I go to bed to begin another routine day. For some people, the gentle monotony of this sort of existence is calm and peaceful – and there is something to be said for that. I’d rather have what I’ve got than to be in the middle of a war, for instance, or having one catastrophe after another, just for the excitement of the process, that’s for sure!

However, waiting for the next vacation from work is not what life is supposed to be all about, either. There is supposed to be some sincere satisfaction obtained from performing one’s vocation ably and well. There is supposed to be some satisfaction to returning home at the end of the day, to the oasis of peace and calm that you have created for yourself, in your own special place.  This satisfaction is missing lately. Of course, it might have something to do with the fact that I have been sick (AGAIN) for about a week now. When you are unwell, and not sleeping soundly, feverish, no appetite, and ill as a hornet from a just-poked nest, that just could possibly be affecting your satisfaction with life in general. Ya THINK??


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