118: Family Stories

Some years ago, I sat in a living room and howled with laughter as one of my cousins related story after story about her parents, my great-uncle and great-aunt. Some months afterwards, she was killed in an automobile accident. All those wonderful stories, told in her special, humorous, actually hilarious style, are lost forever – except in my memories. I so very much wish I had been able to video-record those stories she told, both to remember her and my uncle and aunt.

On another occasion, my grandfather told some stories when we were gathered for Christmas. It was the last Christmas he spent with us, and again, those stories are lost forever, except in my memories. Same for my grandmother, and my great-grandfather and great grandmother on my father’s side, plus the grandparents on my mothers side, too. I never committed those stories to paper – or videoptape, and I should have done so.

My goal is to visit my mother and my father and record their recollections of these people, before I have lost them and all of their memories, too. I hope my children will value them as much as I will!


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