121: Silliness

OK. This is ridiculous. WHY, WHY, WHY cannot a man and a woman be “just friends?” WHY does sex always have to be thought to be the reason? It does not matter whether the man and woman actually are “just friends,” or actually are doing the nasty: everybody THINKS they HAVE to be sexually involved. It’s like there is this huge, universal understanding that a man and a woman could not possibly have anything to say to each other that does not center around sex, or eventually lead to sex. This is ridiculous.  Since when did sex become the only possible topic of conversation?

I just don’t get it. This is BEYOND ridiculous. Everytime I meet a person of the opposite sex, having sex with them is NOT, NOT, NOT the first thing that comes to mind – FAR from it. Are there actually people so stupid that all they can think with is their gonads? Come on. Not all humans are THAT stupid.

OK, not all humans are that intelligent, either, but seriously? WHO has sex on the brain all the time past the age of eighteen? You HAVE to be kidding me. There is more to life than bodily urges, and there is certainly more to friendship than that. Give people some credit – a little, at least!


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