123: I donwannago

I am having a serious disagreement with my husband and I donwannago home. To make this problem even WORSE, this is Friday, before a weekend. And what is even WORSER that THAT is the fact that this Friday is the last workday before a one-week-long holiday. Sheer joy. I donwannago home.

I do not want to go through the routine of making up, because I donwannamakeup. I wannabemad. I am still mad, even if he is no longer mad and wants to make up. I am not yet done with mad. This is unfortunate, since I booked, some months ago (when I was NOT mad) a week’s accommodations at a resort in Marakkech, Morocco, a city I have not had much opportunity to explore, and which I, ordinarily, would be excited to be going to see. I donwannago.


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