133: Applying for new citizenship

I am so very, very, very horribly disappointed in the majority of Americans, on this day after the Presidential election. Half of the United States that voted, voted for handouts, and government interference in every aspect of their lives. The voted against the principles that founded that exceptional country: independence, hard work, drive and motivation, pride. They voted against  individual achievement, and voted for government control.  They voted against America.

I had been thinking for some time about living overseas, even before Obama was elected the first time. I sold everything I owned (nearly) and relocated to an overseas teaching position. This re-election of the worst president America has ever had clinches my decision never to return: the America I knew and loved is dead – at least on the west coast, the northeast, New Mexico Florida, and Colorado. Some other places have a chance, if they secede from the union. It might be the civil war all over again; this time, fighting to BE free for real, not over slavery – except to our own government.

So, I have a host of new decisions to make, now that my beloved country has effectively committed suicide. I can only hope that when she implodes as I fully expect that she will, the resultant shock waves do not destroy the new country I am considering adopting. I did some Internet research on Morocco today. I found out that to apply for citizenship here, I must continually reside in the country for five years. I have two already under the belt, and am contracted for two more already. That only leaves one more to qualify. Plus, I must learn Arabic. Since I expect that will soon become America’s third language, that should not be too hard to do. I’m not sure if I must be conversant, or if that includes reading and writing Arabic as well. I have three years to learn.


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